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Nowadays, there are various materials for vanity top design, among which granite stone and quartz stone has got high popularity from most home decors and business space projects. In order to choose the best material for your need, you should consider some factors between granite stone and quartz stone.
Granite stone is cut from natural stone from deep in the earth, the stone is cut into slabs and polished, each slab would be unique. While quartz stone as one engineered stone is composed of natural quartz and resins, colors.
2.Look and Appearance
Granite’s pattern and veining is random and unique, varying between slabs. On the other hand, quartz stone has a more consistent pattern than granite stone.
3.Maintenance and Care
For its porous surface, granite stone will require a sealing at regular time - at least once every three years. While quartz stone does not need sealing and re-polishing. But do not use harsh chemicals and cleaners on the both stone surface, which will make the two damaged. Just take clean water and soft cleaner is ok.
Granite stone is well resistant to stains and heat, but its color will fade and easy to get crack if the surface is not sealed nice. Quartz stone can offer you high hardness and durability, but also do not expose it to the high temperature, do not place the hot pot directly on the surface, just get one pad or trivet for it.
It is comparable of the price between granite stone and quartz stone, while it also depends on the supply and demand. Sometimes quartz stone will cost you more than granite stone, but at the same time you get the high value for your home.
Leadstone USA Inc as a professsional countertops materials manufacturers, can supply you high quality vanity top for kitchen and bathroom, welcome to visit us freely.

Do you have problems with your kitchen countertops, especially the white quartz countertops ? Most homeowners said yes.
It is common to see white quartz surface will easily soak up some half sweet or half unsweet tea. Unlike some dig coffee, juice and paint, if you leave a ring of tea sitting on the surface long enough, it will seep right down into the stuff.
While today, i have got some effective tips to clean the white quartz countertops, if you are curious about it, just read it following:
For daily cleaning, Fish Foam is the best. Like on windows, it leaves actually no streaks, and a can of it lasts so long. I have had that accoutrement for two or three years now and there’s affluence larboard central of it. As for the tea stain, well, that’s breadth the Soft Scrub with achromatize comes in. All I had to do is eject a little bit on the afflicted area, cascade some baptize assimilate it, mix it up to actualize a puddle, and let it sit. I wiped what was larboard of it off an hour after and BOOM. The tea stain was gone!! It didn’t change the arrangement of the apparent or blush of the quartz…it just removed the stain.
While for some homeowners, they like to use the lemon to clean the white quartz surface, I just absolutely not advice you to do that, although quartz stone is of high hardness and non-porous, no doubt the lemon can clean the dirt but will hurt the surface also.
After reading this blog post, may you can deal with your white quartz countertops cleaning easily.

To choose quartz countertops or granite countertops for kitchen remodel, that is a heat theme for most homeowners and commercial projects. If you have no idea to make a decision, then make a comparison between quartz countertops and granite countertops following.
Quartz countertops will cost you more than granite kitchen countertops for more engineering is required to turn quartz into a shiny and smooth surface.
2.Look and Apperance
Granite as one natural stone can supply unique beauty for your kitchen countertops, however, it needs more upkeep than engineered quartz stone. Granite stone’s attractiveness can not be found in engineered quartz stone. Each granite slab is unique, while some people will love engineered quartz surface to match the surrounding decors.
3.Basic construction
Since quartz stone is created from natural solid stone slabs, multiple slabs are required for longer expense of countertops. Moreover, the surface requires sealing at a regular time.
Engineered quartz stone are composed of over 93% quartz volume and 7% resins and binders, moreover, the color pigments should be included.
Compared with quartz surface, natural granite stone includes air pockets, if the spills are not cleaned at once, liquids will seep into the surface of granite countertops with permanent stains. So granite stone should be sealed at a regular time to keep it in good conditions.
For its non-porous surface, quartz stone is more widely used for sanitary, water will not sink into the quartz countertop, and it is resistant to mold and mildew. Quartz countertops are well popular for its easy maintenance and do not require sealing.
5.Hardness and Durability
Compared with granite stone, quartz stone is more resistant to scratch and damage, fact, quartz stone is one of the hardest stone materials, Quartz stone is the natural option for kitchen countertops remodel.
With the above comparisons, you can choose one of the two kitchen countertops materials according to your demands. High Quality kitchen countertops can be bought from www.leadstoneusa.com

Bathroom countertops can make and enhance the looking of your bathroom, while there are still some using problem for you, such as water damage and scratches, but do not worry that, you can replace the bathroom countertops by yourself, which can save you lots of money and you can do the way you want it.

Following let us get the steps about how to replace the bathroom countertops.

1. Remove the sink.

First to shut off the water supply, and disconnect the drain pipe, and then look under the sink and you will see the clips that hold the sink in place. Use the screwdriver and remove all clips. Finally the sink of countertops can be lifted out.

2. Remove the countertops

While the countertops often are attached to a cabinet or a base. Just look under the countertops to fine the screws generally found in the upper corners in the cabinets. Remove the screws and lift the countertops off.

3. Get the new countertop and cut the sink hole

Place the new countertop properly and fit nice, if it is ok, then let’s cut a sink hole. Place the sink on the countertops and use a pencil to make a trace of the sink, and then remove the sink, and leave a line inside the trace line parallel to it and 3/4 inch from it. Drill it on the inside line and make sure it is big enough for the sink.

4. Install the countertops and sink.

Place the countertops in the place and insert the screws in the previous holes. Tighten the screw and place the sink in the hole and replace the clips. Connect the drain pipe and turn on the water supply.

5. Caulking the countertops edges.

Using caulk of your bathroom, squeeze the tubes and move the tube along each seam to leave a uniform bead of caulk, which can prevent water from damaging the interior wood of countertops and any other leakage.

With the five above steps, you can replace the bathroom countertops easily by yourself.

As we all know, kitchen plays an important role in the home space, while choosing a best surface for your kitchen countertops to perfectly suit your home interior design, that can enhance the value of your home.

While there are variety of countertops materials for option, today let us find them out and choose the one surface best for you.

Before you make a decision of your countertops, you should make some considerations, including the design, budget, installation and maintenance, especially the investment is short-term or long-term you want, just depending on your individual needs and preference.

1. Stainless steel

Stainless steel as one shining material for countertops can supplies you a modern kitchen look. The surface is resistant to stains, but it is also easily get scratched.

2. Stone surface

Stone surface now is popular in most homes, including granite stone and marble stone, which can add high elegance and durability to your kitchen. However, it may be somewhat expensive, they need to be resealed at a regular time to prevent the stains and keep good conditions.

3. Engineered stone

Engineered stone such as quartz stone would be a great choice, especially when you are in demand for a surface that can well resists the high temperature and stains, quartz stone does not require the sealing, also, it is easy to maintain and care, nice to suit those who have a busy life style. Engineered quartz stone comes in wide range of colors and patterns, so do not limit your imaginations.

4. Concrete

Concrete countertops are hard enough but heavy, which is difficult to install, the surface is easy to stain and may get crack over time. Concrete countertops can add a dramatic effect to your kitchen, so make sure you are like this kind of feel.

5. Wood

Wood can add warmth and beauty to your kitchen, that is the reason why most homes take this surface. If you have a high requirement on the cleanliness, then wood could be your best choice which can prevent the bacteria well.

6. Solid surface

Solid surface such as acrylic countertops have variety of colors and styles, the surface is resistant to heat and stains, and easy to repair the scratch by using a nonabrasive scrubbing pad.

7. Laminate

Laminate countertops do good at stain resistance, but it is weak at heat and scratch resistance. while as it is popular, laminate countertops now comes in wide modern colors and patterns, also you can make a design on the edge.

8. Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is so common to see and wins a great market share in the world. The surface is timeless, beautiful and economical for home and commercial projects. However, you should spend more time on its maintenance, for the surface’s grout lines can absorb the stains easily, especially when the kitchen is highly used.

All in all, before you buy the best countertops for your kitchen space, just make a first consideration what is the most important factor you care: price, color, material, durability or combination of all elements. Once you make a priority, it would be easy for you to narrow your countertops choice.

Quartz countertops of several desirable benefit are very popular in most homes, most homeowners, designers and commercial projects have them installed. While today let us know about the benefits you get from the quartz countertops? If you haven’t got one, then it’s time to get it!

Quartz countertops are manufactured to be one of the most durable countertops on the stone market, also the surface is well resistant to high temperature, freezing and corrosion. With non-porous surface, quartz countertop is highly resistant to stains and bacteria growing and hiding.

With 93% content of quartz and 7% resins and binders, quartz countertops have strong hardness, harder than granite stone and marble stone.

While one of the drawback must be the high price of quartz countertop, which can cost you $50 to $120 per square feet.

For the installation of quartz countertops, quartz countertops requires a professional and man-power, while quartz countertop is heavy, so if you are not skilled, you had better ask a experienced professional to deal with it.

Importantly, quartz countertop is so easy to clean and maintain, you can make regular daily cleaning with soft household cleaners and water, which is one ideal material for those who has a busy life style. Quartz countertops do not require sealing for its non-porous surface, that is nicer than other kitchen countertops.

Marble stone as one kitchen countertops materials can add high elegance, beauty and luxury to the kitchen, which does better than other kinds of stones.

Marble kitchen countertops are thought to be one of the priciest countertops material, some of them are the same as the high-end granite stone and quartz stone per square feet. While one of the reason why most homeowners take marble countertops is its high quality and timeless beautiful appearance to the kitchen.

If you have the budget on the kitchen remodel, and you still want to use the marble stone, then you can use the material on smaller surfaces, such as backsplash, kitchen island and pull-out slabs. Moreover, smaller-size of marble surface will reduce your worry about the stains and its porous quality.

Marble kitchen countertops no doubt that can add high value to your home, polished marble gives a reflective and glossy finish to your space, that would be modern and ages gracefully.

Commonly, it is hard for most customers to make a decision on the countertops materials when kitchen and bathroom renovation. There are various options for you in the global countertops markets. Among that, there is one material ideal for your home design and your budgets, that is solid surface countertop.

About solid surface:

Solid surface countertops are made from hard synthetic materials including acrylic, polyester and natural fillers. Solid surface can be customized into what the shape and sizes you want according to your design needs. Solid surface supplies wide range of colors and patterns for any home styles, coming in both polished and matte finishes, which will help you to achieve design goals.

Non-porous Surface:

As solid surface is non-porous, this countertop is resistant to bacteria and viruses, mold, microbes hiding and growing, the non-porous surface makes its cleaning is simple and easy, you can just do it with some soap and water on a rag will scrub away most messes.

Easy Maintenance:

Solid surface is strong enough to stand wear and tear from daily living. However, sharp project is also easy to damage the surface scratched, so remember to use a cutting board. While solid surface is though, it is easy to repair the damage. Please be cautious that do not expose the solid surface to high temperature although the countertop is heat-resistant, but that doesn’t mean heat-proof. So use one pad when you want to place the hot pot on the surface. Do not put it on the surface directly to avoid a crack.

With daily regular clean and maintenance, solid surface countertops can be ever lasting for you. Solid surface countertop would be ideal for any design styles due to its coloring and flexible finishes. High durability and quality are suitable for different life styles, to be best option for your project and budgets.

Solid surface countertops from Leastone USA Inc is of wide color and high quality, competitive price for you. Welcome to find you best countertops materials from us.

If you are in market for countertops materials for your new home design or home upgrade, then quartz countertops, also known engineered stone countertops would be your awesome decision. As there are a variety of countertops materials for choice, quartz surface will satisfy you a lot for many reasons. So what’s that? Why quartz countertops should be your best option? Following are some nice reasons for you.

1. High Durability

Quartz stone as one artificial stone is composed of 93% quartz and 7% resins and binders, which makes the quartz countertops are durable, and stronger than granite countertops and marble countertops. Although the surface is though enough, it also can be shaped, cut and finished, the prefab quartz slabs service is available from most suppliers.

2. Cost

The cost of quartz stone depends on its quality and size, so if you need one large quartz countertops, you should make sure your budgets well. Quartz countertops sometimes may cost you more than other stone countertops, but its quality and high performance, long-lifespan deserve it.

3. Eco-friendly and Environmental

Quartz countertops is produce to be hygienic, the chance for bacteria growing is highly reduced down, making the countertops material are green and health for food preparation, dinning, and party gathering.

4. Non-porous surface

As quartz countertops is non-porous, it is well resistant to stains, which makes you easier to maintain and clean the surface. While granite stone and marble stone of porous surface is easy to get stains and liquids, food particle, wine, juice, which will damage the service life of the countertops.

5. Easy Maintenance

Unlike granite stone and marble stone, quartz countertops do not require sealing, you just need daily easy maintenance to keep its beauty and performance.

6. Free Cleaning

Quartz countertops take you less time in cleaning everyday. You can just wash off the surface with some soap water and one clean cloth to keep the beauty and function of the surface countertops.

When you are in market for quartz countertops for your kitchen and bathroom design and remodel, Leadstone USA Inc as one engineered stone manufacturer can be your best options.

Engineered stone as one artificial stone has been widely used for many years. Engineered stone is often made of marble powder, resins, and pigments. The engineered stone slabs are manufactured by cutting, grinding and polishing. Hardness, strength, gloss and water absorptions should be enhanced and improved by manufacturers to win more customers.

There are two popular types of engineered stone, one is quartz stone, while the other is marble stone, the two are differently applied in many cases.

Engineered stone marble stone are more commonly used as flooring in most large commercial building projects. While engineered stone are more used as countertops, worktops, vanity top, benchtop, window sills, flooring and wall cladding in home space and commercial projects.

Engineered stone is well received as one building material in constructions, its high performance, wide colors, and superb quality will be ideal for you to create an unique, comfortable and stylish space for living.

As quartz surface is non-porous, so that quartz countertops require less care and maintenance in daily life. Quartz stone is resistant to heat, scratch, cracking and any damages to be popular in home decoration. You can just pay attention to the following tips to keep your quartz countertops new and fresh.

First of all, when cleaning, do not use the abrasive cleaners which will damage the quartz countertops. A artificial adjustable knife or artificial bowl scraper tool works able-bodied with quartz countertops when doing with caked-on, dry buildup since the scraper will not accident the counter. Metal accoutrement should not be acclimated to apple-pie the countertop since they will blemish the quartz’s finish.

While quartz stone of hardness is heat resistant, but that not means heat proof and you do not need to do any heat protection. After you get the heat pot and pan from the oven, remember that do not place the hot pan directly on the surface, just get one trivet and hot pad for it. Or not, it is easy to get crack, which will allow the liquid and bacteria to grow and hide.

Immediately clean the spills up to avoid staining the quartz countertops, especial those acid food and liquid will harm the surface.

As quartz countertops are tough, and resistant to scratch, while cutting food on the surface directly will still scratch the quartz surface. So please use one cutting board to keep your countertops clean and new.

Leadstone USA Inc as one engineered quartz stone wholesaler, here can supply high quality quartz stone for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities.

The benefits of using quartz countertops are various and outstanding, thought to be better than granite countertops. In recent years, quartz surface has got larger and larger market share in the global stone field for its quality and high performance, becoming the ideal and popular choice for most architecture designers and households.

While following let us make clear the benefits you can get from the quartz countertops:

1. quartz countertops is one of the strongest and most durable countertops materials

2. quartz tiles are available for wall cladding in bathroom

3. variety of colors and patterns options for designers

4. Unlike granite countertops, quartz surface does not require sealing

5. you can create custom edges

6. undermount sink can be installed.

7. faucets can be directly installed on the countertops.

8. you can place the hot pot and cookers on the surface of countertops

9. with a non-porous surface, bacteria and virus are hard to get place to hide and grow

10. quartz countertops add more values to your home space

In conclusion, quartz surface as one engineered stone would be your awesome choice when you want to start designing a new home or remodeling your kitchen, enjoy your space with having quartz countertops now!

Quartz countertops of 93% quartz and 7% minerals is beautiful, durable, to be widely used in bathroom and kitchen countertops. For its non-porous, quartz countertops are well resistant to bacteria, stains, moisture and other damages. Quartz countertops do not require sealing and polishing, and it is easy to maintain and clean, it is the ideal choice for your kitchen and bathroom countertops.

How to Maintain:

Quartz countertops require low maintenance, and you can just clean the surface with some water and soft cleaner. The quartz cleaner can be found in the supermarkets. While quartz countertops are resistant to heat and cold, you still need to get some protection for them, do not place the hot pot and cutting food directly on the surface, just get one pad or cutting board for it. If liquid such as vinegar and wine, coffee, please wipe them at once to avoid the color trace.

How to Repair:

Sine quartz stone as one the hardest countertops materials is resistant to cracking and scratch, the repairing for quartz countertops is rare. While there are some useful tips for small chips and scratches.

First of all, just clean the countertop especially the chipped area with a soft cleaner, and remove the dirt trace with a clean cloth. Using the superglue to squirt some into the chip to fill it to the top. And then allow the glue to sit for 24 hours until completely set.

White if you are trouble in the chips larger too enough, then it is better to ask a professional.

As quartz countertops are easy to maintain and clean, it has been popular choice for kitchen and bathroom design with high value and style to home.

Leadstone USA Inc here can supply high quality quartz stone for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, quality and nice price, welcome to visit us at https://www.leadstoneusa.com/

Quartz stone as one engineered stone countertops materials is widely used as kitchen countetops, bathroom vanity top, tiles and flooring and anywhere in home space. Quartz stone composed of over 93% quartz volume and 7% resins and pigments, is well resistant to heat, scratch, cracking and other damages, especially with a long lifespan for home use.

Quartz stone comes in various colors, styles and classic views. Quartz stone countertops can not be underestimated in a kitchen if you have spent much time in your kitchen for cooking or hobby, for quartz surface is so easy to maintain and clean with just little water and cleaner.

What does the quartz stone you using for in your home? There are many amazing ways for you to use quartz stone in your home, have you maximize the benefits of quartz surface?

1. The most common and basic ways is used for kitchen countertops and table top for the food preparation. Since quartz stone is non-porous and eco-friendly, you can cut the food, pepper, tomato directly on the surface, it is safe for you and the countertops.

2. Quartz stone also looks great when used for wall cladding and flooring in a bathroom, most homeowners like it for its thickness and easy maintenance.

3. Quartz stone also can create a luxury and high end looking for your house, especially the amazing night feel. Woke with some awesome lighting, you can do it easily to get attractive look.

All in all, apart from in home renovation, quartz stone is also common in commercial public projects, that would be an ideal materials for you. If you are looking for a professional quartz stone supplier, welcome to visit Leadstone USA Inc at https://www.leadstoneusa.com

Quartz stone is composed of 93% quartz volume and 7% resins and pigments, quartz stone doesn’t require sealing and polishing, while if the countertops are abused often, the shine and color will fade. Once this happens, you can polish your countertops to bring back its luster.

DIY the cleaner with one cup of vinegar for every four cups of water. And then use the vinegar solution and one cotton cloth to wipe the surface. Wipe the surface dry with a clean towel, which is good to remove any dirt on the countertops that will make micro scratches.

Wipe the stone surface in a circular motion, and apply more polish to the microfiber rag until the countertops surfaces are entirely buffed.

After the polish dry on the surface, and then buff the surface’s dried polish with one clean towel. Then you will get back the bright and shine surface finally.

For more information of quartz stone countertops, welcome to visit Leadstone USA Inc at https://www.leadstoneusa.com/


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