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Liu said Beijing East last year actual loss of 800 million, the biggest problem is not "shopping"

Rumours East logistics has a loss of 30 billion yuan, Liu said in the CCTV dialogue program, "reported in accordance with United States accounting standards Jingdong loss of 9.4 billion yuan last year, but the real loss of 800 million Yuan." Liu said Jingdong invests billions built logistics centre and East operating problem is not to let consumers "shopping", and most users are male, A4-2.4G Mini Wireless Mouse-G3-280 future expansion of the category of goods (in particular supermarkets) in the first place.

Google allows employees to send each other holiday, origins is one of my colleagues need to care for family members

In three years with Google employees have 15 days of vacation each year, 20 days holiday in each of four years of work the employee, employees can work more than six years, 25 days holiday. But Google vacations also has a special place, that is, employees can give each other between vacation time.

Although was shelved, but Google VR machine is still under development, and will develop a non-Android VR system

According to Recode news, Google actually have high end VR Head plan, to compete with HTC Vive and Oculus, but the project was shelved, focus Daydream plans. In addition Google x VR system of the Lab in parallel a new project (not based on Android), the entire team is about more than 50 people. But according to Engadget reported, Google still retains a VR head research and development team, is working on a mixture of VR and AR devices, and do not need to match the computer or cell phone. Clearly, the Daydream is not Google in the field of VR/AR the ultimate killing machine.

After following the Taobao, cat, together worth Ali cat position as the fourth largest supermarket consumer platform

Alibaba CEO happy cat supermarket location as following Taobao, days after cats, together worth, and the fourth a consumer platform. Alibaba Group's Vice President, cat supermarket General Manager introduced on the river bank, "the entire FMCG industry is developing very fast in the Internet, faster than many industries, but the actual consumption is still rare. Line number to 90% or higher degree, and only 7% on the line, so this space is huge. "The River, " said cat expects billions of scale within three years, become offline in China's largest commercial. "

Samsung's strategic stake in BYD, expanding business in semiconductor in electric cars

According to Korea media reported, Samsung electronic will spent 500 billion won (about collection 440 million dollars) purchased into BYD 4% of shares, but BYD then emergency released clarified announcement, said Samsung electronic does has on participation this times BYD shares non-public issued and company expand Active advance, but 4% of shares does not true, currently things is advance process in the, eventually results will in completed Hou timely foreign announced.

Clinton assembled 50 engineers team support campaign

Clinton hired former Google executive Stephanie Hannon as CTO is no secret, and Wired reported that their technical team has more than 50 came from Google, Facebook, Twitter's engineers. They will be aided by the means of science and technology campaign, such as a/b testing to determine what page design will get more votes and contributions.

Investment and financing

Intelligent Civil Maps map start-ups received $ 6 million seed round of financing to accelerate the self-driving car intelligent

On July 15, three dimensional map startup Civil Maps announced the $ 6.6 million seed round investments, lead investor is well-known VC Motus Ventures, throw parties, including Ford Motor Company, Yahoo founder Jerry Yang its AME Cloud Ventures, Wicklow and StartX Stanford Capital. The company was founded in 2014, is headquartered in California. Using artificial intelligence and location based on local technology, Civil Maps are available from the car interior sensors to collect data, and transformed it into "smart map information" for self-driving cars use.

Azalea Health healthcare solutions vendors $ 10.5 million b round of funding, improve United States status of rural health care

Integrated medical solutions supplier Azalea Health 15th announces completion of $ 10.5 million series b financing, Kayne by growth-oriented private equity groups Partners lead investor, Intersouth Partners with existing investors to vote. Azalea Health was founded in 2008, mainly for rural customers with integration and technical medical solutions, including integrated electronic health record (EHR), business management, electronic prescribing, interoperability services, personal health records, patient information portal system Azalea m ™ mobile platform.

Silent Circle received $ 50 million c round of funding, focus on mobile communications safety

Silent Circle mobile security company announced $ 50 million c round of financing by the Santander Bank lead investor. In 2012, the company was founded in Switzerland, is a mobile phone security and privacy solution providers, main product for the anti-wiretapping phones and mobile application development, mobile phone calls and text messages can be encrypted. Their products include APP, you can install on your mobile phone, protect your calls, text messages and file sharing security; Silent Manager Terminal program, and allows company administrators to manage the company's users, groups, programs and equipment.

Company Aspect of life science Imaging received $ 20 million in financing, and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus to examine patients before

Start-up Aspect of life science Imaging announced that a total of 20 million US dollars of new financing, the company's total financing amount has reached $ 120 million. Company plans to provide customers with an affordable and compact magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment, allowing diagnostic testing services in patient populations around the world. Aspect Imaging instrument dedicated to the design and development of compact magnetic resonance imaging and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) systems for medical and advanced industrial technology and clinical applications.

New products

Washington, DC, will attempt to use Uber as ambulances added

More 911 calls, DC fire and emergency medical services department wants a cab or Uber-sharing less urgent needs, 8 Light Strike Gaming Key Board - B318 callers to the hospital. Official said, the nurse can assess the patient's condition over the phone, if the disease is not serious you can choose to use Uber patient rather than an ambulance.

The Star Wars official VR games free release, VR movies in the offing

Lucasfilm officials announced on July 18, the company developed the VR game Star Wars free Steam. The game supports HTC Vive, the full name for the Star Wars: Tatooine's trial, put the player on the desert planet of Tatooine, war with imperial soldiers, and can experience the pleasure of a lightsaber. The game producers of industrial light and Magic Studio ILM's xLab, the Studio also produced about Skywalker's VR movies, will be a new story in the Star Wars universe, the audience can have an impact on the story, and even if the "out" story will continue, previously said it would also work with Magic Leap.

IOS 10 will increase regular hours for sleep function

Upgrade iOS 10 this fall will add many new features, one of them is called Bedtime sleep reminders. Get up when the user wants to set up, how long will it take the sleep time, the software will automatically remind you to sleep.

On June 24, when the United Kingdom referendum declared its independence from the EU, many people regretted. Some of the "European" constituency in the United Kingdom gathered in front of the Parliament building against the United Kingdom out of the EU.

Although comeback chances, but they insist on the Internet was involved in "the second referendum", hoping to change the results Safe Supply. According to another news agency, the latest news, EU Commission Chairman Jean-Claude Juncker said, United Kingdom should immediately when it is planned outside the EU. But when talking about how long the peace talks, United Kingdom process exit time table remains uncertain.

Thus, while United Kingdom exit right now at the forefront of world public opinion, and when the United Kingdom started after you exit there for a long time, but still be rational for the Chinese textile and garment enterprises estimate and judge on the trade situation and trends. In this connection, an interview with reporters for the first time the China textile import and export Chamber of Commerce, the China textile industry Association International Trade Office and the heads of relevant organizations, as well as to British exports from January to May this year ranked top 30 business leaders, listen to their United Kingdom exit effect on trade of textile and apparel enterprises in China forecasts and trend analysis.

United Kingdom is China's textile clothing export to EU market

Get the latest statistics of the Chinese customs showed that January 2016 to May, China's textile and clothing to the United Kingdom exports amounting to 4.2 billion dollars, compared with the same period last year grew by 3%, Chinese textiles and clothing since the United Kingdom imports amounted to us $ 76.34 million, compared with the same period last year grew close to 1%. January 2016 to May, on China and the global textile and apparel imports per cent declined, imports fell 11% exports close to 2%. Meanwhile, in January 2016 to May, Chinese exports to the EU total 17.47 billion dollars, a drop of 3.9%, average export price decreased by 6.6%.

In this regard, the China textile import and export Chamber of Commerce Vice President Zhang Xian said: "January 2016 to May decline in Chinese exports to the EU and even the global situation, the United Kingdom remains a 3% growth is no surprise. In recent years, the United Kingdom of textiles and garments in the EU has become China's largest market, is also relatively stable markets. Through nearly 20 years of China's United Kingdom textile and clothing export statistics, China United Kingdom upward trend of exports has been increasing year by year. A group global market accounted for than data compared also can confirmed this is: 2016 years Qian May, China on United Kingdom textiles clothing exports accounted for on global total exports of proportion is 4.16%, in China export market ranking in the column 5th bit; 2015, in the British textiles clothing trade up 12.63 billion dollars, which on United Kingdom exports accounted for China on global exports of 4.37%, in China export market ranking in the still at 5th bit; and in 2014, China United Kingdom textile and clothing exports is 3.86% per cent of total exports in China ranks 6th in the export market. ”

According to reporters from the China textile import and export Chamber of Commerce get January 2016 to May, China United Kingdom textile and clothing export enterprises the top 30 list: Guangzhou textiles import and export Group Corporation United Kingdom exports reached US $ 23.988 million, an increase of 316.25%; Chi-Shun, Shunde district, Foshan City, Guangdong Province silk import and export Co Ltd to the United Kingdom with exports amounting to us $ 12.062 million, an increase of 290.1%; Li Kun in Tianjin import and export Co Ltd to the United Kingdom exports reached 1083.1, an increase of 367.32% million dollars. These 3 companies between January 2016 May United Kingdom export trade volume has doubled compared with a few comments. In this regard, the Guangzhou garment industry Association Secretary-General Wu Zhenghong, told reporters: "the United Kingdom number of imported textile and apparel accounted for more than half of the total market, United Kingdom textile and clothing imports from China increase is particularly significant. Since the international financial crisis, bilateral trade between China and EU countries, 1th Sino-British bilateral trade growth, United Kingdom has advocated strengthening economic and trade relations with China. United Kingdom considered advocated the liberalization of trade and investment within the European Union the most active countries, although foreign trade laws, adoption of EU common policies, but on the whole United Kingdom Government enterprises from countries outside the EU imports or exports without too many restrictions for China's textile and clothing exports United Kingdom created a good business environment. ”

To sum up, in British textiles and clothing trade is in a honeymoon period, United Kingdom will exit to the glue-British industry collaboration increase crack it? is more good than harm, and is doing more harm than good?

Leon: pound sterling benefits exports increased short-term profits

First, the United Kingdom exit requires a long process of negotiations, effects appear longer.

Wu Zhenghong said: "the United Kingdom proposed exit timetable, will face a long legal process, Chinese exporters need not be too anxious and worried. Out of the EU's main focus on the 50th article of the Lisbon Treaty, this regulation only describes the regulations of EU Member States outside the EU, and without warning. Once the 50th start, United Kingdom and the European Union may have two years of negotiations, United Kingdom and the European Union's trade agreement may be renegotiated, which finalised rules may take several years. ”

Secondly, out of the EU, the "made in China" into the United Kingdom market more open.

Whether from the United Kingdom first to join Asia Investment Bank, also was the first to set up an offshore RMB Centre, United Kingdom China free trade tendency was stronger than many continental European countries. "The United Kingdom after the exit, does not rule out the possibility of separately signed a free trade agreement with China. United Kingdom as early as a few years ago in support of China and the EU signed a free trade agreement, because of the high trade deficit with China, other Member States argue that China should be first on the EU to relax investment and expansion of services trade liberalization, and to sign a free trade agreement. If the United Kingdom and China will sign a free trade agreement, under its influence, China and the EU signed a free trade agreement likely will increase. "China's textile industry Federation Liu Yaozhong, Deputy Director of the Office of international trade, told reporters. At a press conference, joint free trade agreement was signed, under the influence of the demonstration effect, the EU does not rule out open bilateral negotiations with China, even the possibility of zero tariff, the "made in China" into the United Kingdom market more open.

Third, China's textile and clothing in the United Kingdom will expand market share, share will gradually increase.

At present, the United Kingdom Middle is mainly dependent on imports of textiles and clothing. Liu Yaozhong said: "the United Kingdom off Europe affected, Sterling led to English weak consumer purchasing power. However, due to China's textiles and apparel affordable, cost-effective, in the United Kingdom market accounted for a larger proportion, so that in the future would stimulate China's textile and clothing exports in the period, thus expanding in the United Kingdom's market share, increasing market share. "The British textile and garment exports ranked top 30 Guangzhou textile industrial Union Chairman Feng Guoxian, told reporters:" we are actively under United Kingdom current clothing market demand, as well as seasonal trend features export of marketable fashion, small profits but quick turnover, loss of control orders. ”

Finally, dollar, dollar, corporate profits increased significantly in the short term.

Jiangsu guotai international group huasheng IMP among top 30 for British exports, business manager of the company who asked not to be named, said: "we and United Kingdom customers is in dollars. Pound sterling, the dollar, the devaluation of the Renminbi, Chinese exporters, because exporters earn in dollars, from short-term effects, actual profits on the rise. "In recent years, as the Yuan appreciation pressure on the foreign trade enterprises as well. "The devaluation of the pound, devaluation of the renminbi is conducive to export, but it reflects more on stock orders. Yet in the settlement of orders entered into in previous, present at high levels in the settlement can make exchange rate difference. Say short, because if the pound is continuing to fall, United Kingdom customers will require renegotiation. "Zhang Xian added to reporters:" in the long run, after Greece economic crisis and the United Kingdom after the exit event, the devaluation of the euro would lead to increase the internationalization of RMB, China's economic status will also be improved. ”

The bad: weak trade does not facilitate investment into the UK or

First, the United Kingdom textile and clothing production shifting away from China to other countries may accelerate the progress of.

On United Kingdom textiles clothing export ranked Qian 30 strong of Jiangsu Su beauty up textile international trade limited General Manager Fan Wenye to reporter said has concerns: "United Kingdom off Europe makes pounds and Euro sharply lower, United Kingdom from overseas procurement textiles clothing of range will will received narrow, United Kingdom procurement China products of wishes will will passed on to other production cost more low of Southeast Asia or African national, such will weakened China textiles clothing export enterprise of price competitiveness. While Chinese companies can also make a corresponding price adjustment strategies, but after all, the mechanism of adjustment will take some time, also need to accept customer response. "United Kingdom textile and clothing production shifting away from China to other countries may accelerate the progress of.

Second, the Sino-British bilateral trade agreement could face renewed negotiations, many factors beyond their control.

Guangdong provincial textile industry Association Secretary-General Wu Hong is very disturbed. She said: "Guangdong textile and garment enterprises to the United Kingdom ranked exports more than half of the top 30. United Kingdom off to Europe, could face a renegotiation of the bilateral trade agreement, many factors beyond their control. If the tariff increase, China United Kingdom textile and clothing exports is extremely negative. "Feng Guoxian says:" from the United Kingdom since the exit, we now have United Kingdom customers reduced orders of intention, is expected to have more future United Kingdom customers reduced orders. In the long term, currency fluctuations exports United Kingdom orders, price changes in profit margins, the United Kingdom will also increase the cost and risk of the export trade. ”

Third, United Kingdom off let go cause of Central Europe and the European Union to facilitate trade greatly diminished.

Feng Guoxian of the Sino-British trade facilitation is also greatly reduced. Under the EU customs system, goods in and out of the European Union does not need to be repeated many times to go through customs and tax formalities, United Kingdom from the European Union was formed after two independent systems, combined with the exit of the customs duties, exchange rates, rising costs of customs formalities as well as logistics, late of foreign trade enterprises in China's textile and garment exports to the European Union cost is bound to rise. "In the past because the United Kingdom import declaration policy relatively loose, Fax Machine Supply which is largely played the role of logistics hub in Europe, European goods through the United Kingdom exported overseas, overseas goods, often through the United Kingdom into Europe. "Wu Zhenghong explained to reporters.

Under the United Kingdom Treasury's analysis, United Kingdom after the exit, because the United Kingdom's ties with the EU, United Kingdom's relations with third countries need to rebuild within 2 years to 15 years. China and the United Kingdom, the relationship between the European Union through negotiations of the agreement may be signed again, this Sino-British and Sino-European trade and investment between the more companies will be a larger impact.

Finally, currency devaluation led to United Kingdom to attract foreign capital will gradually shrink, China's investment into the UK variable.

Wu Zhenghong, said industry and trade chains, dependence on each other from both sides, United Kingdom dependent on EU than the EU United Kingdom dependencies. In recent years, China United Kingdom investment expanding depth and breadth, if United Kingdom exit, China is expected to be lower in the United Kingdom long-term investment because China will not be able to use United Kingdom and channel with access to the EU market. Meanwhile, other countries have similar action will be taken based on the same considerations. "However, may also be Chinese companies would use the machine of the devaluation of the pound and the euro, opportunistic bargain-United Kingdom market, this opportunity to invest in effect cannot be ignored. "Zhang Xian said.

Forrester Research on Amazon's trade volume is estimated 2015 Amazon United States investment of as much as $ 23 billion, Dongguan Shoes factory and consumers of the market by 2020 will be shopping on Amazon 530.6 billion, than in 2015 to 338.1 billion 56.9%.

Factors promoting the development of e-commerce

Amazon United States business is of great significance to the development of the market, but other than that, the rise and prosperity of the entire market, and a number of factors have a direct relationship. Due to the improvement of domestic economic conditions, market and customer-obsessed businessman also plays an important role. The latter view is: providing services through all channels of retail businesses on the market plays a role.

The view was expressed that full retail channels is more like an endless channel, collapsing nose common online store provides the product more, allow in-store shopping c of this project can effectively deal with the backlog of inventory problems.

But for many suppliers, all retail channels is still a lot of work to do, many retailers face the problem of customer satisfaction and speed of product delivery.

Of course, the online and physical retail channel retail has had a significant impact. So while online transaction only consumes 8% of retail, but turnover in the United States but has more than $ 1.5 trillion.

The challenges facing mobile

In the United States, consumers using more is used to search for mobile, purchase usage is relatively low Dongguan Sweaters manufacturer. Insiders believe that mobile devices have certain features, such as download time, screen size, etc, which greatly reduces the user experience and, therefore, poses a direct conversion rate decrease, consumers found that shopping on Smartphones is not an easy thing.

In fact, data show that 78% users when there is a will on the Smartphone shopping, are faced with the challenge of different levels and different factors.

Through generations of the HyperX Cloud phone updates, the HyperX well-grounded, finally got out of the flagship: HyperX Cloud Black Hawk Revolver professional gaming headset. Black Hawk headphones use a new pronunciation unit and body design, expanding the sound field and effectively increases the sensitivity for professional esports players and players in the game can be heard much farther Protable USB Cable for iPhone, by voice to predict enemy movements in advance. Exterior styling, sharp and stylish Black Hawk headphones, brand new light weight steel beam structure, hanging head bands, great package earmuffs, enhance the sense of wearing, support to the head and ear package better.

In terms of sound quality sound effects of the game, HyperX Cloud Black Hawk Revolver skills to the next level of the headset. Closed-ear cavity structure, equipped with new generation of directed diameter of 50 mm neodymium magnet units 12Hz?28,000Hz,30 ω impedance frequency response, almost all of the parameters are the top level of the headset. Small series also had the opportunity to demo the first time that a professional esports headphones, here to share experience and see what good headphones.

Gaming headsets are very focused on the sound localization, this is fundamentally different from the traditional music headphones. As a professional esports headset, HyperX BlackHawk headphone listening tell may as well be extreme. Even around thousands of headsets in the market, often because of the gunfire in the game, and footsteps, blasting sound and many other mixed together, result in voice, movement and distance to enemy of tricky problems.

Black Hawk headphones excellent acoustical design, the perfect solution to this problem. This headset has improved significantly in the high frequency resolution, and cut down the volume of the low frequency sound full and clear, allowing the player to quickly find sources to improve voice recognition. Demo in a first-person shooter FPS class, HyperX BlackHawk headphone listening ability to tell a very powerful, even in a fierce gun battle in front, can also be heard in advance to flank attack on the enemy's footsteps at the back, so you have plenty of time to deal with.

In the CF across the line in the game, may be a lot of people in "ghost mode" make exciting, often staring empty air, found by the slight change of flow disturbance to the enemy. Sometimes paranoid thinking that next to "people", secretly fill tool in the past, enemies of the moment was I do not know from where to "KO". Wearing black hawk after the headset, confidence obviously has more players in the game, can be heard very clearly to you running footsteps in the distance, sound localization accuracy, even if you don't see the front, directly in the footsteps of direction moves, can be immediately dealt with their enemies, the whole process in one fell swoop.

As a location for professional esports Gaming Headset, "listen and tell" reflects its hard power. But facing increasingly discerning ears the sound, game sound processing are increasingly becoming key indicators for measuring the overall quality of a gaming headset. For example in the single list of the call trying to listen 12 black ops demo, small series of HyperX Black Hawk is impressed with the sound.

Games, violent explosions, the roar of aircraft, battle of gunfire, nature sound/wind/water blisters, the characters breathe, talk, Blackhawk headsets can be a realistic reproduction. Details in sound, this headset can instantly restore low frequency and high frequency of dives and separated, put Hi-Fi elements seem to be competing genes, together with the majestic atmosphere of the background music in the game, it is a lavish feast of entertainment.

For a racing game, racing experience is the most important, but without a good background music, excellent graphics and gaming experience will become boring again, and made the need for speed series for more than 20 years EA naturally know this truth. EA for the game included a total from the works of 61 musicians and their styles are different.

Wearing a HyperX demo need for speed 19 Black Hawk headphones when you can feel it in the game engine sound, percussion, Light Strike Mechanical Keyboard brakes shows head, completely beyond the real world experience of driving at high speed on the highway. Listen in the background music, Black Hawk headset feels is majestic and little Ethereal. In the hear of the need for speed when 19 of the game's soundtrack, such as the Aero Chord Break Them feat. Anna Yvette and the Surface; the u Don't Know Alison Wonderland, Black Hawk headphones burst of low-frequency deep and resilient, loud drums and strings music is magnificent, the spirits and the clamoring. In addition, the earphones grasp of the background music is very delicate, strengths, allowing the player to fully into the car in the competitive atmosphere of intense.

More comfortable to wear: long game is not tired

As campaign hands and players need to fight in the game for a long time, in addition to sound professional esports headset designed to focus more on long-wearing experience. More Qian several generation of Cloud series headphones, HyperX Cloud Revolver Black Eagle headphones overall design Shang more focused on comfortable, steel frame structure Xia for light quantitative processing, let headphones of weight only 360g, effective reduce head burden; can regulation type head beam design, and innovation of suspension type head with, can suitable distribution different head type, and completely not clip ear, effective reduced has long-term game brings of oppression sense. And Black Hawk headphones ear muffs wide package, good quality soft faux leather with memory foam material, not only excellent sound insulation, wear and natural fit in the head.

HyperX series--HyperX esports peripherals Cloud Black Hawk Revolver headphones, is no doubt a sincere work. These days try to stop and give make a deep impression. The headphones have a professional esports headset the quality, precision audio debate, telepresence is a strong, sound detail perfectly. Meanwhile, outstanding workmanship, materials belong to competing headsets product. Have it, will help you in the game in the world of esports gallop.

With electric competing activities in domestic gradually get attention, increasingly more of electric competing activities began in around held. recently one to "for electric competing name, for dream and war" for theme first National University electronic competitive League Hubei Division opened curtain. and as era electric competing headphones representative of magic magnetic M660 headphones also harvest full support this field game, for members electric campaign hand provides most subtle of "soundtrack reproduce".

In the national colleges and universities of Hubei Division of the electronic Sports League, 2016 special Gaming design fake mechanical Keyboard is a Shabby Dota 2 draw from Wuhan University, Hust Annn storm hero team, Wuhan Institute of WT of League of legends team near 300 teams to actively participate in this event. In the game, we can enjoy the outside of each player's heroic, and landscape the same wonderful, the escort is full of players of his magnetic M660.

One game of won key, except players outstanding of operation technique zhiwai, high quality of electric competing peripherals equipment also on game has not ignored of role. magic magnetic M660 as a paragraph double nuclear full frequency vibration film headphones, can will game in the of sound one by one restore, and feedback to players, help its judge game to. win take game. Xia figure is players are wearing magic magnetic M660 seriously game of wonderful moments.

Magic magnetic M660 is can in National University electronic competitive League in the for its under, is due to its used has exclusive double nuclear design, which core technology carbon fiber hyphae vibration film used advanced biological technology foster, its that has metal of stiffness and has paper quality of slender, can perfect deduction out worlds apart from bi now of game details and music details. even in electric competing fighting in the again complex of scene also does not chaos, passed give electric campaign hand most subtle of voice details.

And in low frequency side film is used has TPU+PEEK solid Shun sex material, difference Yu traditional of plastic vibration film, double revive film of synthesis match, can extended low frequency inhibit in the high frequency not rules of vibration and spread wide high frequency extends, makes its has high school low three frequency pyramid structure soft clear of characteristics, let voice more of soft balanced. so, will game sound perfect restore, help national electronic League in the of players get best of game state.

Although is a paragraph electric competing headphones, but magic magnetic for sound also has himself of insisted, tries to will electric competing headphones sound poor of situation breakthrough. to gives a paragraph electric competing headphones outstanding of sound, magic magnetic except has quality of double nuclear vibration film design zhiwai, also used has double sound cavity multilayer air damping technology design, this design of benefits is sound flow through which, delay reverb channel spread wide, let voice can get powerful of expansion, Xia dive deeper, voice performance of more stretch, rock low frequency straight arrived heart.

Double nuclear vibration film design match double sound cavity multilayer air damping technology, can for electric campaign hand solution a important of problem, that is head in the effect. head in the effect will led to electric competing players in long-term fighting in the occurred head expansion pain, led to game players are cannot play in the best State. and magic magnetic M660 can perfect solution head in the effect, help electric campaign hand moments keep best State.

By the end of 2016, overall e-sports users in China reached 170 million people, Mobile holder fake mechanical keyboard in such a big competition atmosphere, the magic magnetic M660 are necessary for competing players brought the most shocking game sound experience, it is necessary to make experience esports esports players headphones are not inferior to the level HIFI headphones.

Fuller made peripherals manufacturer introduced the black technology "magneto-optical micro-moves", carrying potential of the atmosphere in recent days Sniper Laser Gaming Mouse - ZL50, engulfed the entire science and technology press. A lot of design information for the player to paint a picture of future vast beautiful pictures, "optical path conduction design", "Reed-free architecture" and "metal fatigue", "super fast reaction speed" with a sense of science and technology term occupies the peripheral media headlines.

Structure principle figure and demonstrates film apparently cannot meet user understand light magnetic micro-moving of desire, to to game players brings latest fresh of first-hand information, Zhongguancun key rat channel through hard, finally not negative expectations took has a only carrying light magnetic micro-moving black technology of mouse sample version prototype (early engineering prototype, may and retail version exists larger difference), following let we a see for fast, see light magnetic micro-moving what as how back thing.

Although engineering prototype, but fuller is also a very fine hand ergonomic shape designed to be hot before CO300 essence of gaming mouse. Mouse buttons integrated design for abrasion resistance considered key board is designed to high gloss paint on the surface material, the mouse left and right side skirt is matte matte plastic, has some non-slip performance.

For a prototype, however, the appearance of God is not important, gently waved for a designer hand painting, immediately you can bring an entirely different visual experience. With structure design there can make later adjustments. Or let us come to light with magnetic micro-black-in-depth understanding of science and technology.

This magneto-optical micro mouse prototype using the four screws at the bottom of the game, after removing screws, cover and chassis on the mouse can easily be separated. At first glance, magneto-optical structure of micro gaming mouse appear to be and not much different from a traditional mouse, but users are likely to see some clues.

We first to on Fu Leiguang magnetic micro-moving game mouse engineering prototype of Board for understand, a see to, wheel device in, and side key micro-moving in, and mouse engine in, and main control chip in, and DPI regulation key by using of posted tablets micro-moving also in, but originally should installation around press location, is is some empty box, most by players care of light magnetic micro-moving, seems to and no appeared in Board Shang.

A closer look, was supposed to install a mouse around fretting, but it is not empty, micro switch gone, but by a pair of small infrared transmitting/receiving device. However just two little things, there seems to be no way to achieve key click on/circuit breaker.

Yes, a pair of infrared transmitting/receiving device on the motherboard, and is unable to complete the button click, as fuller no effects of magnetic micro-motion for completely closed, so a part of the structure was designed on the mouse cover. Mouse buttons beneath the metal coil springs, may seem the key tension system and Logitech is similar to that but no similarities, this metal coil springs New Fashionable est Design Wired Gaming Keyboard, is where the mystery of magneto-optical micro-motion.

Fu Leiguang magnetic micro-moving used open design, which 5 a part was fixed in mouse Shang cover Shang, which including fixed screws a star, fixed bracket a, shading volume spring a root, reset strong magnetic a, also has a for avoid press pillar and shading volume spring directly contact caused wear of contact screws, from essentially solution has game mouse long time using Hou press pillar wear problem.

Wrangler appeared in just one game the mouse when the moments on the Red Sky, affordable prices, cool looks, exceptional performance, undoubtedly makes it at the same price, and even became a lightning rod for the shanzhai, embodies Dahl on the side of Wrangler's success, select your weapon is absolutely no problems.

Dahl Wrangler gaming mouse uses a symmetrical design, players get used to the mouse feel, Wholesale Fashionable Wired USB Port Computer Mouse and Wrangler in the button gaming mouse with a more mainstream style of a button design, wheel is directly exposed to the surface, is particularly innovative design.

Dahl Wrangler overall predominantly black gaming mouse, mouse surface using light Crackle paint craft design, looks very cool, and mouse match the built-in super bright blue LED system, in a dark environment may issue a bright purple/green/blue/red, mouse, power will become more cool. Dahl Wrangler games crack patterns of mouse tail, bright light effect under Ling Bao's head, make mouse even color.

Wheel rear design has two gold DPI regulation key, can on mouse of sampling rate for 500--4000 Zhijian of three document switch, for different using habits of game players of need, and other mouse is different of is, its DPI switch press not using other mouse widely used of cycle type switch way, but added reduction DPI has independent of press, let switch more quickly, Good Wireless Mouse with USB Mini Receiver mouse left skirt also design has two gold press, in online Shi can mentioned forward and back of function.

Dahl Wrangler styling design cool gaming mouse, and in the night watch is particularly outstanding, excellent ergonomics adapted to most of the player's hand, 7-key design will be practical to do a high level, for a hundred or so of the game mouse, such a configuration is called a conscience definitely, and game players to buy.

From the global game revenues in terms of size, 2015 Global Games reached 91.8 billion dollars, an increase of 9.8%. Mobile games, host games, Full anti-waterproof plunger keyboard PC games revenue accounted for, respectively, and 33%, and 28%. Mobile game for the first time over host games and PC games.

According to Newzoo prediction, global games in 2016 is expected to generate $ 99.6 billion revenue in 2015, increasing 8.5%. 2015-2019 year compound annual growth rate of the global game market to 6.6% sustainable development, finally reached 118.6 billion dollars the total market.

* Note: mobile games mainly refers to the Smartphone user handheld devices such as tablet computers as the processor Terminal, runs on mobile online game PC game refers to computer games and online games (MMO).

* Source: Newzoo, CaiGin

From the global game market pattern, host games and handheld games markets have entered a recession, the market share decreased; mobile games become the game industry main driving force of growth, the market share increased, expected size of 2019 revenues nearly 50%.

* Source: Newzoo, CaiGin

Gaming market segments:

1. the mobile games industry to maintain high growth. 2015 global mobile gaming market reached $ 30.294 billion, an increase of 34.2%, has already surpassed the host games and PC games. Continued high growth in the mobile gaming market, has become the main driver of growth. Newzoo expects mobile gaming industry will continue to remain high, move games expected by 2019 nearly 50% per cent of total income, gaming revenue of $ 52.5 billion.

* Source: Newzoo, CaiGin

2. host games and handheld games narrowed the overall market share. According to newzoo data, starting from 2009 is in the host market in a volatile downward trend, and gaming market share decline, slipped to 2015 from 2009 56% 30%. Overall, the hosting market has entered a period of decline.

3.PC games slowing market stabilized. 2015 per cent growth for the PC game 6%, within the next 5 years the average growth at 5%.

1. e-sport has great potential in the future.

E-sports is one of the main theme of the 2015 games market, in the field of PC gaming esports games dominated the market, in the field of hand also gives the whole market moved very high expectations. On the industry side, including game development and distribution companies, clubs, events, mobile platform, mobile esports industrial parts such as live streaming platform, a relatively complete mobile esports industrial ecology has been constructed.

According to Newzoo report, 2015 global e-sports gaming revenues reached US $ 325 million, compared with growth rates of up to 67.4% 2016 global e-sports gaming revenue is expected to reach $ 463 million, up although growth has slowed, but still 42.6%. Global e-sports viewers are growing year by year and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11%.

* Source: Newzoo,2016 Global Esports Market Report.

2. rising game company entertainment, shadow tour linkage becomes hot.
Game industry increased interaction with other creative field, cross-media integration accelerated, and by way of linkage, explore a new, industrial chain around the entertainment industry.

Beginning in 2014 the whole Pan-increasing weight of entertainment games, attracted include entertainers, film, anime fiction has the effect of IP, such as "product" and game products for joint cooperation, which also led to the rapid development of pan-industry.

2016 most hot of movie Warcraft is adapted since Blizzard Entertainment (United States listed company moving depending on Blizzard of subsidiary) of classic game world of Warcraft, released short 5 days within created has 1 billion China box office, success validation has quality IP of huge value, future around with quality IP variable now will brings more big of value growth, thus game leading company began more of to pan entertainment direction transformation.

3.VR layout become the new trend in gaming industry.

VR (virtual reality), there is no doubt that 2016 is one of the most popular topics, according to Gartner expects the end of 2018, virtual reality equipment sales will reach 25 million units.

Short term VR games it's difficult to gain acceptance. For VR industry for, currently VR Head of PC version main customer also is heavy degrees of game players, Sony PlayStation need and host connected, HTC, and Oculus for computer of configuration has high of requirements, for general user for, in content enough rich of premise Xia, universal need must of time; for VR equipment for, main is VR video of watch and mild game application, short-term within compared to training user of paid habits.

But in the long run, and VR will change the way of communication between the players, and the way players interact with the game content, and will become one of the main forms of the game. Which game companies earlier in the VR field layout? Seize the future VR gaming market? Will be the focus of attention.

(D) the featured games portfolio

Through artificial intelligence model select five stocks associated with the gaming industry stocks:

1. $ Activision Activision Blizzard (usATVI) $

Activision Blizzard (Activision Blizzard, ATVI) is a United States game developers, publishers and distributors. The new situation facing the game industry's continuing, Activision began the transition of:

(1) the field of bigger picture involved in hand. Last November, Activision for $ 5.9 billion large acquisition of developers of the legend of candy King Digital, will also own hand--Hearthstone legend to a new height, launched the third adventure: explorers Association, makes Hearthstone legend a strong supporting performance of the company.

(2) set up a division of Activision Blizzard esports. Last December, Activision for $ 46 million acquisition of United States the biggest esports League Major League Gaming (abbreviation: MLG), MLG nearly 14 years will be transferred directly to rain event resources, and MLG.tv this video platform.

(3) play contrast games interactive. In June last year, Activision Blizzard announced the establishment of a film Studio, specialized in are owned by Blizzard's Diablo and owned by Activision's call of duty, classic games, and recently acquired the legend of candy into movies. Flush with high quality IP for Activision Blizzard, movie powder is definitely a good deal.

On June 8 this year, released by the film adaptation of the game world of Warcraft Warcraft was a huge success, released after the 5th China exceeded 1 billion at the box office.

Company's latest earnings report showed that fiscal 2016 fiscal first-quarter profit of $ 336 million, down 14.72%. Fiscal 2016 fiscal first-quarter revenue of $ 1.455 billion, an increase of 13.85%. Revenues and earnings, the contrast is so great, mainly due to the end of 2015 Activision did a lot of acquisitions, have an impact on corporate earnings.

2. Electronic Arts $ EA (usEA) $

Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts, EA) is a leading global interactive entertainment (300043) software company, mainly engaged in all kinds of video game development, publishing and marketing business, mainly for computer games, console games, online games, mobile game development, publishing and sales activities.

According to EA's latest earnings report, fourth quarter net revenues of $ 1.308 billion, up from $ 1.07 billion in the same period last year net profit of 899 million dollars, 128% over the $ 395 million in the same period last year. Electronic Arts comes from the product in the last quarter's revenue of $ 695 million, up from $ 669 million in the same period last year; from services and other business revenues of $ 613 million, up from $ 516 million in the same period last year.

3.Zynga$Zynga(usZNGA) $

Zynga is a social gaming services provider, was first established, timing of the rise of the Zynga took social networking platform, player interaction with friends is viral, has become one of the most successful gaming companies.

But tours the rise of Zynga to accompany page, and decline with hand. Zynga now transformed from social games mobile games, reported figures show that mobile gaming revenue has accounted for the proportion of 76%. Whether Zynga can pass in transition back to life, is the focus of market attention.

In the latest in the first quarter of 2016, Zynga earned $ 187 million, a loss of $ 26.6 million, more than $ 46.5 million in the same period last year to narrow. Compared to the previous quarter earned $ 186 million, a $ 51 million loss digital, Zynga persuaded Wall Street to see a little more hopeful: the revenue growth and reduced losses exceeded Wall Street's expectations, after announcing earnings, share prices once rose to 14%.

4. $ NetEase NetEase (usNTES) $

NetEase (NetEase, NTES) as one of the leading game development company, NetEase has been in online game developed by the front of the field.
NetEase 2016 1.228 billion dollars of net revenue in the first quarter, an increase of 116.3% net income of $ 382 million, an increase of 94.6%. NetEase online gaming services net income for the first quarter of 2016, $ 933 million, an increase of 104.5%, mainly due to the hand, such as fantasy westward journey and the Tour Edition of westward, and agent from Blizzard Entertainment (United States listed company subsidiary of Activision Blizzard), the Hearthstone legends: Heroes of Warcraft.

5. nvidia NVIDIA $ (usNVDA) $

NVIDIA (English: NVIDIA, Nasdaq:NVDA) is the market leader of graphics processing technology, 2016 special Gaming design fake mechanical Keyboard and its graphics and communications processors have broad market. NVIDIA in nearly three years on the structure adjustment, increase the game, graphics processing and automatic driving, also in line with the current direction in science and technology. These games, data centres, intelligent automotive chips business fast, games section 2015 of which grew 36%.

In the past month, 80% analyst upgraded NVIDIA expected in the new fiscal year, EPS forecast is up 12.1%. NVIDIA's price-earnings ratio is currently around 30, compared with 75.2 per cent of average earnings of semiconductor industry, with a large margin of safety, medium to large room.

In today's Smartphone and mobile Internet coverage, mobile e-commerce become the hottest shopping and entertainment platform in the hands of users. Today's not electrical contractor, electrical contractor, they begin to enrich their content, using the prevailing trends, create network red, using interesting content to attract customers, content to pass on information, giving publicity to the commodity. Even as a mobile payment tool XX treasure, Hot membrane keyboard also introduced a life ring, friends XX treasure can be fast interaction can also share life, evolving electronic trading models.

I. the basic elements of traditional business into social e-commerce

1, we all know that e-commerce is the biggest dividend in mobile Internet, is now one of the most powerful industry. Especially in China, because of too many traditional retail intermediaries, as well as logistics and labor costs are still relatively cheap, electrical contractor has the hot soil. We have seen over the past few years is one of the fastest growing sectors in the mobile Internet, but like Alibaba, Jingdong, vipshop, Ju mei products in the unit. Entire business turnover of more than 4 trillion yuan, accounting for 12% per cent of total retail sales. However, in recent quarters on behalf of Alibaba e-commerce industry growth showing signs of slowing growth. GMV throughout the Ali year shown in the latest quarterly growth for the 23%, in which the cat GMV growth 34%, treasure 18%. So what is the e-commerce industry entered a period of bottlenecks? below is in the Morgan Stanley report on Taobao and the cat GMV growth quarter split.

2, through observation over a period of time, I found that e-commerce growth was not down, but the business model has changed into the 2.0 mode. 1.0 mode is basically enjoy to go to the middle and the bonus of the first wave of mobile Internet, essentially little change. Only through offline channels to subvert. So we see the bookstore, 3C products, clothing and shoes, even of standardized commodities, such as food marketing. Social attributes were present in 2.0 mode, can also be seen as a social business, and 1.0 is completely different.

3, social networks become the primary vehicle for communication, with the popularity of social networking, social networking platform is gradually layout mode. Such as micro-platform app itself, apart from the public opening connections, users can also open micro-mall stores or directly to a third party platform app; now most micro-credit are also used to send product news directly in your circle of friends to form a "ring of friends" Mall. However, due to the popularity of e-commerce, in addition to micro-there are many social networking platforms are constantly trying to e-commerce, Tweets Twitter window and associated micro-selling and so on, become social platforms.

4, now the Internet has completely penetrated into people's lives, social networking and e-commerce also gradually integrated in the development process, hence the birth of the derivative, since media and, reticulocyte series a by-product. Starling Song Xueyang thinks with the perfect combination of business and social, will create a new business model, how social business prospects, however, will depend on consumer trust and reliance.

5, now social electricity development in full swing, giving way to replace Taobao, become the next generation of the mainstream model in the commercial market. Social e-commerce under the box, various sales and marketing models are infinite touted, micro, micro-business, community, Twitter, micro-shop window, and so on.

II. social business model several characteristics:

1. "consumption" as "consumption". I think this is the core of the new business model characteristics. Although physically said before, we have 24-hour shopping in real time via the Internet. But before shopping, we generally have a list of ideas and. Today I'm going to buy milk powder and diapers on the East. So shopping is not always in real time (or as complete a task type, just don't need to go to the store). But the new social business model, we don't know what to buy, products and content through social networks by push us. More debris penetration in the social scene of shopping information. The combination of social networking and shopping. We can see the friends sharing shopping information directly to place an order, you can also purchase our latest product to share in your circle of friends. Past e-commerce 1.0 era, shopping is no social attributes. User is still a "go shopping" State, so not anytime, anywhere (Although physically possible). Mobile social networking truly "shopping" for 24 hours. We are social circles, so have the possibility of buying goods at any time and buy the idea is being pushed.

2. secondary distribution of flow. Social maximum dividends from flow to the second, three times, or even several times to the distribution. Most of the time we're going to see a good article, in the circle of friends was forwarded many times. It is also mobile social e-commerce features to help businesses access to low-cost traffic. The other side, because of the social properties, businesses more power and willingness to do product and service experience. Social Internet traffic is obviously the Matthew effect, the best products will be 80% traffic, played a "good money drives out bad money" effect. Some poor-quality products and services will be published on social networks, people would not "second fall." In contrast, good products and services will receive more traffic. Businesses are no longer "deal" business, hope to do good service. Played a virtuous circle.

3. shopping atmosphere, and fun. Traditional shopping without any ecosystem, rely more on the flow into (whether brand or channel). Social business is a biosphere. The app, Twitter is a huge social networking portal, electricity flows through the portal. Used to be a simple shopping, now is the Sun product, or even an individual can share coupons. Social Association "community flow-word of mouth promotion-flow" of new business logic. All social things, is going to be fun.

4. recently, I also see a lot of companies market entering this one. Entire business upon completion of the traffic Division for the first time, there will be new models. Social networking is the core piece of new business models. In fact, with the development of the Internet, we demand more and more of the social "vertical". Have not just text and pictures. Including the latest video social networking on the rise. Longer term, the quotient space is still very large, but this time new traffic segmentation, social firms will get greater growth.

Third, whether social networking is a transition from traditional business object

1. Social e-commerce has been defined and position in China are very vague. Front differential surface of the circle of friends get out, Ali after manipulation of micro-blogging mode is unknown. Double micro-hogging social networking business name but always fail to get results when DAU double 11 mushroom Street last year was surpassed only, and on November 10 day sales total beyond last year's double ten activities as a whole, 3 times more than double the amount of growth was hefty. Only reminiscent, Ali, had been banned mushroom Street, has quietly turned the social business for a long time.

2. social business core should not be in the business of words, but a social front, business in the post. Social business is seen as the future direction of e-commerce, in large part, that is because its mode of hidden huge power consumption capacity, inventory, working capital in the traditional business model, and many other pressures. Impulse spending and fans of economic a social property dividend, all of this relies on KOL groups represented by the Internet celebrity. Taobao's grip on the reds is not enough in itself, and currently can only rely on the micro-blogging and Twitter as a social media itself does not have the gene and not naturally suited for electrical contractor drainage business.

3. Secondly, social networking is based on people, to interest or theme as the core of the gathered crowd, this precondition social e-commerce more suited to vertical segments. A user across the concern may cross several different subject areas, but are almost always independent of each of these areas, there is strong vertical properties as KOL. Platform Taobao compared to department store and Amazon, mushroom Street clusters more appropriate user groups, easier to train a comfortable community environment.

4. social electric business and traditional business model than advantage focuses on the shopping experience and relationships of, and its difficulties are in both places. The depth of the social, and commercialization into binding mode, is now including Tencent and Ali, giant still needs to continue to address the issue. Micro-social atmosphere in too far and closed, user acceptance of commercialization is not high, once business information will result in your circle of friends, slinky. Twitter is after a cut by Ali, electrical contractor of the road towards the direction of KOL recommended drainage slope, their products the business model instead is unclear.

5. Social e-commerce in the country as a whole are still in the exploratory stage, other politics other than two giant Tencent and Ali, gaming Mechanical Keyboard there are many possibilities. Mushroom Street however it whether it's also is looking at the results from the transformation of the most noteworthy – and beautiful that struggled in the market segments have begun to seek, other new projects are featured but are still at the stage of small is beautiful, does not occupy the user's daily consumption. Mushroom Street itself is still there is room for some not yet fully explored, its advantage lies in the use of hand and KOL's vision and power to reconcile between merchant and consumer demand, while using these high quality content for product promotion. Depth of this social model the product of richness and high quality requirements, for new users of absorption and also there is a marketing challenge.

Conclusion: social e-commerce so far no absolute mode, many platforms have also faced challenges with limited growth. Beacon of ultimately worth the wait?

For every gamer, gaming laptop in addition to portability, the most important is the perfect configuration. Only configure hard enough strong enough, 8 Light Strike Gaming Key Board in the battle to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Equipped with powerful graphics card and processor T5 and massive storage space of the future is the best choice for you.

Future human T5 series quad-core laptop powered by Intel's sixth daikurui i7-6200HQ eight-thread processor, BGA 1440 14nm Skylake schema package. Frequency 2.6GHz, single-core core frequency up to 3.5GHz, dual-core core frequency up to 3.3GHz, three core frequency up to 3.2GHz, quad-core frequency up to 3.1GHz. Built-in kernel upgrade to Intel HD Graphics 530, core graphics performance has been further upgraded, supports DirectX 12, shall be used in the Win10 system.

Future human T5 series laptop built-in NVIDIA GeForce GTX970M video card Maxwell architecture, lifting the limitations of Kepler disabling L2 and MC in the schema partition. 3GB GDDR5 discrete memory, capacity and frequency in a reasonable, advanced architecture to bring performance improved significantly.

T5 insisted the future of mankind in the future, as always, high quality thermal mould design, while in pursuit of thin, 2+1 fan mold, 3+2 pure copper heat pipe cooling module system to ensure the machine's heat to escape and reach the machine temperature control in real time.

T5 mass storage space in the future to meet higher levels of gaming storage needs and capacity. Mature DDR4 were used as storage memory, memory 2133MHz, a single memory capacity up to 8GB, Gaming Key Board lowering the voltage of DDR3 1.5V to DDR4 1.2V. The rate while in the read, write, copy, DDR4 file read, write, and copy more quickly.

DX esports coverage of Chair in the players is already quite wide, the keyboard has a backlight, backlit mouse, even mouse pads have backlight time, chairs and of course there are backlit, today, I look at DXRACER esports Chair of a new "ZERO" Assembly of light emitting version of the electric chair as well as the final result.

DX "ZERO light Edition" electric chair based on the original ZERO on the back increase the backlight, and breathing patterns. In the case of light than dark, Mechanical keyboard with Dual-layer PCB and has a very cool effect.

First of all, we are the management out of the box, from the back of the exterior, thickened, and weight has increased a lot. Increase on the back of this armor is somewhat similar to the animal seems much more personal.

We received a green standard mines Ophiolite, seat back parts of the front and normal version of essentially the same, in DXRACER in the new LOGO, we can pay attention to the "a" words together into a full-color of the color from the original font.

Show "covers" the greatest back, here we take a look at the internal parts. Also note that is, get the Chair when players need to take a look behind the backrest of the Chair of "armor" section, which links to the Chair for a few screws, if violent actions are encountered in transit en route, will have the potential to fall off.

Chair back out you can see the other parts, placed in order. Does not have much of a space Hot selling new gaming mouse computer mouse, players don't have to worry about in transit inside the box things collide (PS: this is not in conflict with the top of the Chair back).

Because the author is also the first time I saw this glowing "ZERO" electric chairs, see the mobile power accessories really confused for a moment, is a gift? Think this is what makes the Chair light emitting source…… There is also a plate, making back more with a sense of unity.

Key conflicts cause the game to defeat always a bummer, as a mechanical keyboard game design, key conflict can be quite important reference projects. Test the software here KBTest as a reference, look at the results ASUS GK1100 RGB key without rushing, and meet the needs of all users.

Game testing links, we choose the Dungeon and fighter, KOF99, NBA 2K15 variety of mainly using the keyboard test game, Strike Gaming Key Board select the RTS games and DOTA games as the secondary reference evaluation games, fully testing the ASUS GK1100 RGB gaming performance.

Honest said, CHERRY green axis in development of early will not to game for purpose of, so it does not too for play game, although its rhythm strong, but back play speed and paragraph sense in players fierce operation Shi will was slightly explicit hard, also will let hope more reaction of players was tangled, certainly if you is not milliseconds will race of electric campaign hand, this small of differences and not has what effect, after all feel is differ from each other in. Back to practical work in the CHERRY green appears to be so amazing, refreshing sense of paragraphs no sticky, good rhythm mix moderate feedback, and don't feel tired for a long time, even with the eruption of rhythms of inspiration, typing more play more addictive (and of course is that sentence, and take into account the surrounding feeling).

CHERRY MX RGB axis match ASUS title, double belief added holding of ASUS GK1100 RGB regardless of from work design, and material materials, also is details processing, are show out has ASUS due of sincerity, and from pursuit perfect angle starting, ASUS drive insufficient to full play CHERRY MX RGB axis of strength also became has author heart of small regrets (GK1100 reference price 899, CHERRY MX RGB+ASUS double belief; GK1050 reference price 649, Kaihua +ASUS axis titles; to be honest if the driving force, the price is very attractive! )。

In any case, ASUS GK1100 RGB hard to see, Terminator Laser Gaming Mouse and this mechanical switch keyboards are designed for high-end users who meet the basic beliefs of the pursuit. In fact, in today's mechanical switch keyboards are like weeds, how to create a personalized, unique to each manufacturer must consider the issue if just the same old stuff, it will be abandoned by the user. As the PC industry's big brother, ASUS on this annual Taipei International computer show, also showed strong peripheral strength, I hope ASUS roll out more competitive products in the future.

China is already the world's manufacturing powerhouse, but not manufactured powerhouse, manufactured powerhouse building on the road, we and the United States, and Germany, and Japan and other industrialized countries, there is a large gap. This gap is reflected not only in the physical equipment, energy efficiency, resource utilization, hard power, is also reflected in design, patent, brands and other intangible assets represented, shipping cost as well as management and service level, soft power aspects of industrial civilization.

Today newspaper published of soft strength: China construction manufacturing power of important proposition a paper pointed out that, should height attention soft strength on manufacturing power construction of important status, strengthening top layer design, reference developed of experience and practices, caught digital revolution of opportunities, focused on knowledge, and information, and data, and culture, and system, soft strength core elements of created, and development, and integration and using, to soft strength construction led hard strength upgrade, achieved China manufacturing by big to strong of history across.

Points out that emphasize the value of intellectual capital to create and use, promoting information, intelligence, and flexible production, enhance the efficiency of products and services, promotion of resource-and environment-friendly, can effectively drive manufacturing technology, organization innovation and efficiency, is undoubtedly the new era in China's industrial sector develop towards high end, enhancing core competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry. We should further strengthen the intelligent manufacturing, industrial manufactured powerhouse construction of the important role of the Internet, accelerate the development of data-driven economy, and use soft power to promote transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing and competitiveness.

Articles on upgrade China industrial soft strength proposed recommends: conform to "Internet +" background Xia manufacturing change of trend Earphone & Headphone Directory, active exploration formed intelligent of production and service way; perfect General Hui sex policy support system, incentive innovation assets development and results into; improve enterprise level, formed adapted Yu information times of management mode; put people of quality of upgrade as soft strength construction of core content, promoted human resources to human capital into; heritage and promote industrial spirit, vigorously foster China features of manufacturing culture Improve external communication capabilities, improve China's image.

On April 20, the exhibition of consumer electronics and home appliance brand, Shenzhen, China (CE China) at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Grand opening. Suning Tesco, cat, GOME and throw it and other famous companies debut exhibition, aroused great concern participating guests.

This exhibition, for a period of three days, China manufacturers and suppliers as the world's largest consumer electronics show IFA global activities, consumer electronics and home appliance brand industry aims to be China's leading exhibition. One of the highlights as the CE China, on the theme "smart world" exhibition, on display are personal and business media, smart hardware, smart parts, robotics, and APP World, creates a visual feast for the intelligent home appliance consumers.

Among them, the investment house (Hall 2nd 2B21), in this exhibition as one of the few mutual company of gold consumption, by interesting questions and answers on site, sweeping yards and delivered gifts to, for exhibitors at home and abroad guests to universal access to financial credit and P2P networks such as the Internet industry knowledge, and encourage you to correct financial management idea.

Guest concerns about stability and wind control, vote in house staff through detailed illustrations and presentation, introduced the investment and operation of logic and risk control tools, and how to ensure that all the funds that investors security and the achievement of financial convenience, be positive and participation of the audience.

It is reported that Shenzhen, China exhibition of consumer electronics and home appliance brand (CE China) China USB Flash Disk Manufacturers is the IFA Germany Berlin international consumer electronics exhibition in China's debut. Germany IFA exhibition was initiated in the early 20th century, it has been more than 90 years of history, is the scale in the world and one of the most influential consumer home appliances exhibitions and European consumer electronics buyers, wholesalers, retailers learn about, purchase the product in the field of choice.

Investment house CEO Huang Shiqiao said in the current economic downturn, the background of weak exports, consumption has been the revitalization of the main driving forces in the domestic market. Emerges as consumer finance, financial sector became the Internet's next outlet. Vote in house, as the Chinese Finance Association, the first batch of members of the Internet, the first P2P network credit vertical search engines, on existing screening platform and based on the secondary market, will also actively explore the consumer finance area, which is cast's home debut of this exhibition is all about.

The 2016 Asian consumer electronics show just ended in all aspects beyond the public's expectations Wholesale Trade. Representatives from 23 countries and regions with more than 425 exhibitors all-round display Asian market breadth and depth. Meanwhile, Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall has hosted more than more than more than 32,000 participants, including more than more than 1000 journalists.

This exhibition will not only demonstrate a number of exciting new products, business cooperation and service, is expanding the International Consumer Electronics Show--Exhibitor resources, 57% of the exhibitors have not participated in 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). 2016 Asian Consumer Electronics Show to attract the world's biggest companies representatives and numerous thought leaders gathered in one, not only for the world famous enterprises, but also for China's domestic enterprises in the Asian market and promote its brand provides an excellent platform. United States consumer technology associations (Consumer Technology Association) ™ are owned and sponsored by the Shanghai International Exhibition Center (Intex Shanghai) jointly sponsored the Asian Consumer Electronics Show is recognized as the technology industry event in Asia, and on June 7, 2017 to 9th in Shanghai.

"2016 success of Asian Consumer Electronics Show for the region's exhibition industry has set a new standard. Exhibition the exhibition area almost doubled compared with previous; Mousepad wholesaler keynote not only provides a vast amount of information during the exhibition and lecture is very lively and interesting, in addition, also increase investment booths of exhibitors. "United States consumer technology Association President and CEO gairui·Xia ROM (Gary Shapiro) said, " this exhibition surprises, energetic. All participating companies take advantage of this opportunity or to launch ground-breaking technological innovations, or to announce new cooperation. It is clear that they do business during the exhibition. ”


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