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Google is still in development of VR-one

Liu said Beijing East last year actual loss of 800 million, the biggest problem is not "shopping"

Rumours East logistics has a loss of 30 billion yuan, Liu said in the CCTV dialogue program, "reported in accordance with United States accounting standards Jingdong loss of 9.4 billion yuan last year, but the real loss of 800 million Yuan." Liu said Jingdong invests billions built logistics centre and East operating problem is not to let consumers "shopping", and most users are male, A4-2.4G Mini Wireless Mouse-G3-280 future expansion of the category of goods (in particular supermarkets) in the first place.

Google allows employees to send each other holiday, origins is one of my colleagues need to care for family members

In three years with Google employees have 15 days of vacation each year, 20 days holiday in each of four years of work the employee, employees can work more than six years, 25 days holiday. But Google vacations also has a special place, that is, employees can give each other between vacation time.

Although was shelved, but Google VR machine is still under development, and will develop a non-Android VR system

According to Recode news, Google actually have high end VR Head plan, to compete with HTC Vive and Oculus, but the project was shelved, focus Daydream plans. In addition Google x VR system of the Lab in parallel a new project (not based on Android), the entire team is about more than 50 people. But according to Engadget reported, Google still retains a VR head research and development team, is working on a mixture of VR and AR devices, and do not need to match the computer or cell phone. Clearly, the Daydream is not Google in the field of VR/AR the ultimate killing machine.

After following the Taobao, cat, together worth Ali cat position as the fourth largest supermarket consumer platform

Alibaba CEO happy cat supermarket location as following Taobao, days after cats, together worth, and the fourth a consumer platform. Alibaba Group's Vice President, cat supermarket General Manager introduced on the river bank, "the entire FMCG industry is developing very fast in the Internet, faster than many industries, but the actual consumption is still rare. Line number to 90% or higher degree, and only 7% on the line, so this space is huge. "The River, " said cat expects billions of scale within three years, become offline in China's largest commercial. "

Samsung's strategic stake in BYD, expanding business in semiconductor in electric cars

According to Korea media reported, Samsung electronic will spent 500 billion won (about collection 440 million dollars) purchased into BYD 4% of shares, but BYD then emergency released clarified announcement, said Samsung electronic does has on participation this times BYD shares non-public issued and company expand Active advance, but 4% of shares does not true, currently things is advance process in the, eventually results will in completed Hou timely foreign announced.

Clinton assembled 50 engineers team support campaign

Clinton hired former Google executive Stephanie Hannon as CTO is no secret, and Wired reported that their technical team has more than 50 came from Google, Facebook, Twitter's engineers. They will be aided by the means of science and technology campaign, such as a/b testing to determine what page design will get more votes and contributions.

Investment and financing

Intelligent Civil Maps map start-ups received $ 6 million seed round of financing to accelerate the self-driving car intelligent

On July 15, three dimensional map startup Civil Maps announced the $ 6.6 million seed round investments, lead investor is well-known VC Motus Ventures, throw parties, including Ford Motor Company, Yahoo founder Jerry Yang its AME Cloud Ventures, Wicklow and StartX Stanford Capital. The company was founded in 2014, is headquartered in California. Using artificial intelligence and location based on local technology, Civil Maps are available from the car interior sensors to collect data, and transformed it into "smart map information" for self-driving cars use.

Azalea Health healthcare solutions vendors $ 10.5 million b round of funding, improve United States status of rural health care

Integrated medical solutions supplier Azalea Health 15th announces completion of $ 10.5 million series b financing, Kayne by growth-oriented private equity groups Partners lead investor, Intersouth Partners with existing investors to vote. Azalea Health was founded in 2008, mainly for rural customers with integration and technical medical solutions, including integrated electronic health record (EHR), business management, electronic prescribing, interoperability services, personal health records, patient information portal system Azalea m ™ mobile platform.

Silent Circle received $ 50 million c round of funding, focus on mobile communications safety

Silent Circle mobile security company announced $ 50 million c round of financing by the Santander Bank lead investor. In 2012, the company was founded in Switzerland, is a mobile phone security and privacy solution providers, main product for the anti-wiretapping phones and mobile application development, mobile phone calls and text messages can be encrypted. Their products include APP, you can install on your mobile phone, protect your calls, text messages and file sharing security; Silent Manager Terminal program, and allows company administrators to manage the company's users, groups, programs and equipment.

Company Aspect of life science Imaging received $ 20 million in financing, and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus to examine patients before

Start-up Aspect of life science Imaging announced that a total of 20 million US dollars of new financing, the company's total financing amount has reached $ 120 million. Company plans to provide customers with an affordable and compact magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment, allowing diagnostic testing services in patient populations around the world. Aspect Imaging instrument dedicated to the design and development of compact magnetic resonance imaging and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) systems for medical and advanced industrial technology and clinical applications.

New products

Washington, DC, will attempt to use Uber as ambulances added

More 911 calls, DC fire and emergency medical services department wants a cab or Uber-sharing less urgent needs, 8 Light Strike Gaming Key Board - B318 callers to the hospital. Official said, the nurse can assess the patient's condition over the phone, if the disease is not serious you can choose to use Uber patient rather than an ambulance.

The Star Wars official VR games free release, VR movies in the offing

Lucasfilm officials announced on July 18, the company developed the VR game Star Wars free Steam. The game supports HTC Vive, the full name for the Star Wars: Tatooine's trial, put the player on the desert planet of Tatooine, war with imperial soldiers, and can experience the pleasure of a lightsaber. The game producers of industrial light and Magic Studio ILM's xLab, the Studio also produced about Skywalker's VR movies, will be a new story in the Star Wars universe, the audience can have an impact on the story, and even if the "out" story will continue, previously said it would also work with Magic Leap.

IOS 10 will increase regular hours for sleep function

Upgrade iOS 10 this fall will add many new features, one of them is called Bedtime sleep reminders. Get up when the user wants to set up, how long will it take the sleep time, the software will automatically remind you to sleep.


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Google is still in development of VR-one

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