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HyperX Cloud black headphones gaming experience

Through generations of the HyperX Cloud phone updates, the HyperX well-grounded, finally got out of the flagship: HyperX Cloud Black Hawk Revolver professional gaming headset. Black Hawk headphones use a new pronunciation unit and body design, expanding the sound field and effectively increases the sensitivity for professional esports players and players in the game can be heard much farther Protable USB Cable for iPhone, by voice to predict enemy movements in advance. Exterior styling, sharp and stylish Black Hawk headphones, brand new light weight steel beam structure, hanging head bands, great package earmuffs, enhance the sense of wearing, support to the head and ear package better.

In terms of sound quality sound effects of the game, HyperX Cloud Black Hawk Revolver skills to the next level of the headset. Closed-ear cavity structure, equipped with new generation of directed diameter of 50 mm neodymium magnet units 12Hz?28,000Hz,30 ω impedance frequency response, almost all of the parameters are the top level of the headset. Small series also had the opportunity to demo the first time that a professional esports headphones, here to share experience and see what good headphones.

Gaming headsets are very focused on the sound localization, this is fundamentally different from the traditional music headphones. As a professional esports headset, HyperX BlackHawk headphone listening tell may as well be extreme. Even around thousands of headsets in the market, often because of the gunfire in the game, and footsteps, blasting sound and many other mixed together, result in voice, movement and distance to enemy of tricky problems.

Black Hawk headphones excellent acoustical design, the perfect solution to this problem. This headset has improved significantly in the high frequency resolution, and cut down the volume of the low frequency sound full and clear, allowing the player to quickly find sources to improve voice recognition. Demo in a first-person shooter FPS class, HyperX BlackHawk headphone listening ability to tell a very powerful, even in a fierce gun battle in front, can also be heard in advance to flank attack on the enemy's footsteps at the back, so you have plenty of time to deal with.

In the CF across the line in the game, may be a lot of people in "ghost mode" make exciting, often staring empty air, found by the slight change of flow disturbance to the enemy. Sometimes paranoid thinking that next to "people", secretly fill tool in the past, enemies of the moment was I do not know from where to "KO". Wearing black hawk after the headset, confidence obviously has more players in the game, can be heard very clearly to you running footsteps in the distance, sound localization accuracy, even if you don't see the front, directly in the footsteps of direction moves, can be immediately dealt with their enemies, the whole process in one fell swoop.

As a location for professional esports Gaming Headset, "listen and tell" reflects its hard power. But facing increasingly discerning ears the sound, game sound processing are increasingly becoming key indicators for measuring the overall quality of a gaming headset. For example in the single list of the call trying to listen 12 black ops demo, small series of HyperX Black Hawk is impressed with the sound.

Games, violent explosions, the roar of aircraft, battle of gunfire, nature sound/wind/water blisters, the characters breathe, talk, Blackhawk headsets can be a realistic reproduction. Details in sound, this headset can instantly restore low frequency and high frequency of dives and separated, put Hi-Fi elements seem to be competing genes, together with the majestic atmosphere of the background music in the game, it is a lavish feast of entertainment.

For a racing game, racing experience is the most important, but without a good background music, excellent graphics and gaming experience will become boring again, and made the need for speed series for more than 20 years EA naturally know this truth. EA for the game included a total from the works of 61 musicians and their styles are different.

Wearing a HyperX demo need for speed 19 Black Hawk headphones when you can feel it in the game engine sound, percussion, Light Strike Mechanical Keyboard brakes shows head, completely beyond the real world experience of driving at high speed on the highway. Listen in the background music, Black Hawk headset feels is majestic and little Ethereal. In the hear of the need for speed when 19 of the game's soundtrack, such as the Aero Chord Break Them feat. Anna Yvette and the Surface; the u Don't Know Alison Wonderland, Black Hawk headphones burst of low-frequency deep and resilient, loud drums and strings music is magnificent, the spirits and the clamoring. In addition, the earphones grasp of the background music is very delicate, strengths, allowing the player to fully into the car in the competitive atmosphere of intense.

More comfortable to wear: long game is not tired

As campaign hands and players need to fight in the game for a long time, in addition to sound professional esports headset designed to focus more on long-wearing experience. More Qian several generation of Cloud series headphones, HyperX Cloud Revolver Black Eagle headphones overall design Shang more focused on comfortable, steel frame structure Xia for light quantitative processing, let headphones of weight only 360g, effective reduce head burden; can regulation type head beam design, and innovation of suspension type head with, can suitable distribution different head type, and completely not clip ear, effective reduced has long-term game brings of oppression sense. And Black Hawk headphones ear muffs wide package, good quality soft faux leather with memory foam material, not only excellent sound insulation, wear and natural fit in the head.

HyperX series--HyperX esports peripherals Cloud Black Hawk Revolver headphones, is no doubt a sincere work. These days try to stop and give make a deep impression. The headphones have a professional esports headset the quality, precision audio debate, telepresence is a strong, sound detail perfectly. Meanwhile, outstanding workmanship, materials belong to competing headsets product. Have it, will help you in the game in the world of esports gallop.


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HyperX Cloud black headphones gaming experience

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