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the Sea

sea salt on your lips

tastes so sweet to my tongue

sand from your feet

brings seaside to our house

when we lie in the night

it's too quiet to hear

the murmuring waves

so tenderly dear

I hear them singing

when wet waves of your hair

curl on my chest

like seaweed on the sand

I lean to your body

like the sea to the shore

and give it caresses

you so eagerly lure

I kiss then your fingertips -

they smell of sea wind,

of clouds in the sky,

distant seagull squeak

your skin oozes with candied honey of sunshine,

golden from summer's burning touch

a smile slips from your lips, this smile is divine

it's shivery petals with my teeth I will clutch

a whispering voice

floats in my ear

like souffle of shells -

soft but unclear

it tells me of waters

splashing around,

lulls me to sleep

with its sedative sound

now, although asleep, I can feel your hands

stroking me like some tender feathers

and, although asleep, I feel breath on my neck

it gives my whole body sweet tremors

so I dream of the waves, of sand on your skin,

of touches and kisses forever

so I dream of sinking in my sea of sin -

in you, my beloved, forever


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