Where does the pressure to succeed come from?

We often talk about the pressure social media puts on us to succeed — but what about the pressure we put on ourselves?

Admittedly, the pressure we put on ourselves will in part come from seeing other peoples achievements online, but I think there’s another layer to it, too.

We put pressure on ourselves because we know we’re capable of achieving things.

We know we’ve got the potential to do good shit.

But there’s just something stopping us from taking that leap — usually it’s confidence or, at least, it was for me.

But once I realised I wasn’t expected to achieve it ALL straight away, I could work on chipping away at things that would help me get there in the end.

Putting pressure on yourself can sometimes be a good thing.

But don’t let it be all-consuming. (c)

Being a human you possess a significant amount of mental and physical energy.

And energy likes movement, it likes to be used, it likes to express itself in some way.

If you do not have a channel to let this energy out, it will drag you in random, unproductive directions. (c)

Know the difference between a failure and a failure.

Hm? A little confused are we?

Let me explain:

A failure is a singular instance, where you took your shot and for whatever reason it didn’t work out.


A failure is an individual who was reluctant to take any shots; content just watching others take theirs.

Now, one could argue that the perspective held by the latter is what ultimately led to them becoming a failure.

If you’re unwilling to accept failure in the short-term, it’s likely you’re increasing your chance of becoming a failure in the long-term.