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Applications of Zircon Refractory Materials

Recently, as a new refractory material, zircon refractory material has been developed. In the refractory industry, natural zircon minerals and artificial extracted or synthetic zircon oxides and composite oxides have been widely developed.

Zircon materials have been more widely used in the glass industry, metallurgical industry, cement industry, ceramics industry and refractory industry, due to high melting temperature, good chemical stability, good thermal shock, and good resistance to molten metals, slags or glass liquid.

Zircon materials are mainly used in the melting zone, superstructure, sidewall and throat. Zircon refractory materials mainly include dense zircon brick, fused cast AZS block, fused cast zircon mullite brick and rebounded AZS brick.

Zircon materials have a wide application in the metallurgical industry. According to the material, zircon materials can be divided into zircon brick, zirconite bricks, alumina zircon carbon products, zircon carbon products, zirconic acid calcium products, zirconium diboride products and zirconium oxide modified refractories.

Zirconite products have good high temperature resistance, good resistance to acid slags, low thermal expansion coefficient and good thermal shock resistance. It can be used in the ladle lining and critical parts such as the slag line and the outlet. It can also be used in the ladle nozzle, tundish nozzle and pocket block.


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