comment ne pas perdre la tête

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ain't it a shame

признаюсь, я бы хотел

не иметь с тобой дел

не иметь с тобой общих дел

больше двух волшебных сказочных недель

я думала, что ты не для меня, что я вот-вот полюблю его, другого.

но после того, как мы сидели с обнявшимися душами под луной, я уверена. ни тени сомнения.

я люблю тебя.

“You’re a gloomy old duck, aren’t you?” said the orderly.

“Is that a crime?” said the painter.

“If you don’t like it here, Grandpa—” he orderly finished the thought with the trick telephone number that people who didn’t want to live any­more were supposed to call. The zero in the telephone number he pro­nounced “naught.”

The number was 2BR02B.

It was the telephone number of an institution whose fanciful sobri­quets included ‘Automat, ”

“Birdland, ”

“Cannery, ”

“Catbox, ”

“Delouser, ”

“Easy Go, ”

“Good-bye, Mother, ”

“Happy Hooligan, ”

“Kiss Me Quick, ”

“Lucky Pierre, ”

“Sheepdip, ”

“Waring Blender, ”

“Weep No More, ” and “Why Worry?”

“To Be or Not to Be” was the telephone number of the municipal gas chambers of the Federal Bureau of Termination.

Now’s the time for sweet good-bye

To what could never be,

To promises we ne’er could keep,

To a magic you and me.

If we should try to prove our love,

Our love would be in danger.

Let’s put our love beyond all harm.

Good-bye—sweet, gentle stranger.


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