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The one who made me believe again

It was a total surprise to me that whole evening I was watching blog of one person! I knew he is talented but I didn't even expect that he can also write this way! I laughed, I was thoughtful, I almost cried!! Usually I just take a short look on his posts but tonight something made me read all of them even if I read those already. It's not really weird, that's actually bizarre! I even had to rewrite a page of his quotations. And you know what? I loved it!

I know he probably doesn't remember me…who am I lying to? He doesn't know me personally but today it felt like he's the closest friend of mine which knows me since the early childhood so he's telling me my thoughts which lie somewhere deep in my mind.
And I know one more thing. If you knew who is this person I'm talking about, you'd laugh to my face. But I don't care. He made me believe in my powers again and that is the most wonderful thing about this evening.


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