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standing desk

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First, this is what it says, which earns it five stars. The measurements are accurate. The motors work well; I use the motors about once a day. The only designed adjustable height desk https://www.fezibo.com/collections/height-adjustable-desk (obvious from the pictures) is that the top is three sections. There are also no drawers and only a simple cable management tray. The top is a little thin but does support the monitor mount and is solid, so there is another plus.

Word of note, it is heavy, mainly in the frame. The recommendations are to assemble it upside down on a large table. I assembled it upright using clamps to make sure the seams would be flat. This worked well. I used the shorter screws for attaching the control panel, and the motor cable routing required something a little different than instructed; otherwise, the assembly standing desk https://www.fezibo.com/collections/standing-desk were easy to follow.


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